Pet Memorials

Do you have a special pet you want to remember? Contact us to order a special Pet Memorial dome!

Check out the gallery below for a sampling of special orders that we have done in the past. 

Pet memorial domes are typically our large size, approximately 2.5 inches tall. 

To order, fill out the order form on the main Merchandise tab and ask for a “Pet Memorial” dome. We will contact you for further details, such as photos of your pet(s). Pricing varies depending on the type or number of pets, but one dome is typically $20.00 – $30.00 (shipping and PA Sales Tax included). Please allow 6-8 weeks after receipt of payment for the dome to ship.

“I still get teary eyed when I look at the Dome as it’s so perfect, it’s my Lucky, the body shape, the face, even the way he would stand, it’s definitely a true
representation of my dear pet, a work of art and something I will always keep close.”



“I absolutely love the globes that Rebecca had made for me.  They were an exact match of my horse Ginger and puppy Maddie.  I was blown away when I opened the package that she had mailed.  I also asked her make one of my best friends horses. Again,  exact duplicates.  I could not wait to give it to [my friend] for Christmas. She does phenomenal work.”



“When we gave our neighbor the sculpture of Lincoln, she just cried and expressed she loved it so much!”