Links of Interest

Looking for resources or fun things to do? Here are some links to places or websites that we have enjoyed or find useful.


Places to Go:

Hampton Roads Naval Museum – also check out their blog here.

AtlasObscura – looking for something to do that’s unique? Check out this website.

Joshua’s Attic – looking to buy Civil War artifacts? Want to get started collecting? – check out this website for more fun places to go.



National Archives – researching an ancestor? If he was Union, you can order his service records through NARA. You can also find all sorts of photos and documents from the Archives through their website.

Library of Congress – There’s a lot on here! But be sure to check out their Prints and Photos division and their Maps division.

America’s Best History – lots of great information, plus places to visit!

Civil War Talk Radio – check out each week’s show and browse through the archived shows for lots of great info on various topics. You can also find the episodes here. Keep up-to-date by following them on the “Impediments of War” Facebook page.

American Battlefield Trust – formerly Civil War Trust, now they work to preserve American Revolution and War of 1812 battlefields as well. Their website has lots of resources, including animated maps.

Nursing and Medicine in the Civil War – this short article has good basic information on Civil War medicine, as well as links to many other resources on the subject. (As a side note, this page mentions Jonathan Letterman. He was the man who organized the care for the thousands of wounded after the battle of Gettysburg. Letterman Drive, northeast of town, is named for him and Camp Letterman, the massive complex of hospital tents that was set up in that area.)

The Role of Cotton in the Civil War – this blog article is a helpful, clear overview of the political and economical effects that cotton had before, during, and after the Civil War. It’s great to help students understand a complex topic, and it also contains many links to further learning about the Civil War. Thanks to our friend Glenn for drawing our attention to it for our page here!

Peach Orchard Publishing – on this YouTube channel, Joe Goldsberry reads first-hand accounts from the Civil War. If you want to hear the war in the words of the men and women who experienced it, we highly recommend checking this out.  


Resources for Homeschoolers (we were homeschooled, too!):

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers – run by the couple who helped legislators write Pennsylvania’s homeschool law.

The Homeschool Mom – lots of resources and help for connecting homeschooling parents.