Civil War Tails Book

Civil War Tails: 8,000 Cat Soldiers Tell the Panoramic Story, written by Ruth and Rebecca Brown (yes, that’s us, the creators of the dioramas!) and published by Stackpole Books. If you like cats or history or miniatures, this book is for you!

CoverFront_CWTails_tpc resizedIn addition to the story of our dioramas and museum, Civil War Tails tells the history and individual stories behind each diorama. With an easy-to-read format and chock-full of photos, you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy learning about the Civil War while exploring these pages! At the same time, the historian in your family will enjoy the same attention to accuracy and detail in the book as in the dioramas it describes.

Order Civil War Tails now! (Hint: it makes a great Christmas gift for the Civil War buff who has everything!) Our price is $27.00, which includes shipping and PA Sales Tax. To order, please fill out the order form on the main Merchandise tab.   

“With aplomb, whimsy, and historical accuracy, Civil War Tails museum tells the stories of Civil War battles in perhaps the most unique way of any of our nation’s battle museums. This book helps you appreciate both the heritage and heroism of the time.” — Jeff Peterman,

You can also find a review of the book (and the museum) on America’s Best History.

“The research is thorough…the novelty of cats as models for soldiers engages the Civil War novice and buff alike…and the three-dimensional battle action design brings pivotal historic clashes–large and small–to life in a captivating, distinctive way.” — Renae MacLachlan, Licensed Battlefield Guide, Gettysburg National Military Park

“The Brown sisters have dedicated countless hours to historical research in order to meticulously re-create pivotal events in the American Civil War. Only upon close examination does the visitor realize the soldiers in the dioramas are cats.” — Joseph Miechle, Educator, Hampton Roads Naval Museum

“I was impressed by the amount of detail and research that the owners of Civil War Tails put into the creation of their dioramas. It is clear that they have studied the battle intensively and have used that knowledge in creating and enhancing the historical realism of their dioramas.” — John Baniszewski, Licensed Battlefield Guide,