Making the Cavalrycat



All cats are made the same way—the only difference is in the details. Cavalrycats can have their trouser legs tucked into their boots. Infantrycats might carry a blanket roll or knapsack. Artillerycats sometimes wear red piping (trim) on their uniforms, showing to which branch of the army they belong.

Traditionally, cavalrycats only carry a saber. An exception is “Desperation at Skull Camp Bridge,” where we gave every cat a carbine, revolver, and saber. Actually, Confederates preferred using revolvers at close range, instead of the saber. So, it was noteworthy that at East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg, the Confederates charging the 1st Michigan all had their sabers drawn. That is due to the officers constantly reminding them during the charge, “Keep to your sabers, men!” So, in “Come On, You Wolverines,” it’s actually accurate that all of our old clay cats have sabers drawn and not revolvers.