Civil War Cat Display Domes

Bring an actual cat-soldier home, whether as a memento of your visit to the museum, or to tide you over until you can travel to Gettysburg and see them in person!

Small domes are approximately 1.5 inches tall.  Large domes are approximately 2.5 inches tall.  Since all figures are made by hand, the photos below are examples. Colors and poses will vary. All domes are fully customizable, including specific colors, markings, or poses for horses.

To order, fill out the order form on the main Merchandise tab.  Please specify if you want USA (Union, the North, blue uniforms) or CSA (Confederate, the South, gray uniforms).  Default cats are white–please specify if you want a black cat. Please allow 6-8 weeks after receipt of payment for the dome to ship.



04 dome - large, cavalry

2 Cavalry-cats (USA charging, CSA charging, or fighting) $35.00 *also available: 3 cavalry-cats, charging – $45.00*

04 dome - large, ball

A ball (USA or CSA) $55.00

04 dome - large, artillery

Artillery crew (USA or CSA) $55.00

If you would like a special scene, go ahead and ask. We can probably do it! Prices range from $45.00 – $65.00. Special scenes we have created in the past include:

  • Infantry battle scene (Union or Confederate infantry firing from behind a fence or stone wall. We can also do hand-to-hand fighting.)
  • Specific historical officers (mounted)
  • Family scene with several kittens
  • Signal Corps station
  • Union and Confederate pickets fraternizing (infantry or cavalry)
  • Campfire scene (winter or summer)
  • Recreations of specific Civil War photos
  • Surgeon’s tent