Spring: a time of beauty and reflection

Spring has finally arrived here in Gettysburg! The buds and flowers have been trying to convince me of it, but when the temperatures are still rather cold, it’s hard to believe that it’s April. After all, we had snow flurries a week ago. But now, the weather is warm and the sun is shining, and it’s a great time to come out and avoid the summertime crowds while traipsing the battlefield and perusing museums and shops in town.

It’s kind of crazy to realize that Spring is also the time of year when the armies would be mobilizing again after their winter camps. While we enjoy the weather sipping tea on our front porch, it’s hard to remember that in the end of March and early April during the Civil War, men were already fighting and dying. Think Appomattox and the fighting that led up to it.

Take a moment to stand in the Spring sunshine and ponder the cost paid by those who came before us. What is the significance of it? Does it still matter? Do battlefields still matter? Why is it important that we study history? Why is it important that we preserve the bits and pieces that we still have from times and people long past?

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