Letting Go…Or Holding On?

Reunion 162It’s been said that a good book (or any work of art) leaves you with questions, wanting to know more.  Today, I was working on assembling cats in small domes to sell in our gift shop.  They’re all cute, and sometimes it’s hard to part with them because they turned out so well, but this time there was a husband and wife set that Ruth made that struck me the first time I saw them, and has continued to make me pause every time I look at them.

Every detail about them is perfect in conveying just how much the little lady does not want to let her husband go.  Something about how her head is nestled against his shoulder makes me want to know more, every time I look at her.  Is he leaving for the first time?  Or was he home on leave, and the parting is so much harder than the first time, now that she knows the fears that will haunt her until his return?  Or is the war over at last, and her nightmares can end, now that he is home, safe and sound, and she knows, finally, that she will never have to let him go, ever again?

Our figures are cats, but like all art, they can draw out our emotions and leave us wanting to know more about each one’s story.  Sometimes that catches us by surprise—even when we are the ones who made them!

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