A Tale of a Tail

Ships cats & mouse by Reb

Today’s Mewsing is a cautionary tale.  As you go through life, think before you act, because you never know who might be watching and recording your actions for posterity.

On March 5, 1862, USS Monitor sat in New York, awaiting departure for Hampton Roads, VA and her historic fight with CSS Virginia (Merrimac).  That day, the officer of the watch made a note in the ship’s log: “John Atkins deserted [and] took with him the ship’s cat and left for parts unknown.”

Now, you know that as John left with the cat, he had no idea that 155 years later, two girls with cat dioramas would trip across that record and find it hilarious.  In fact, if he had not taken the cat, we would not have noticed the quote at all—or the log’s notation might not have even made it into the book we were reading.  But he did take the cat, and now we, at least, will always remember him.

So there you go.  Be careful—you never know what posterity might discover about you!

The photo above shows two ship’s cats that Rebecca made, as well as a rat for the gray cat to stalk.  The scale is ~1:77.

One thought on “A Tale of a Tail

  1. Is this the way to “Respond to this post by replying above this line” ? Hahah! Before hitting reply, i clicked and clicked. …. “above this line” but nothing happened. LOL BTW: very cute post. 🙂 I hope you have lots of guests today. the weather here is clear but cool .


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