A Closer Look

Glancing through my phone recently, I discovered photos that our brother’s kids had taken of our Little Round Top diorama as part of a game where one takes a photo and the others have to find the cat soldier pictured. Sometimes a hint is allowed to narrow the search down to a single room or diorama. Sometimes not.

2017.08.12 closeup 1

We never know what we’ll notice when we play this game. A lone wounded solider stranded between the lines, perhaps, or a new view of a familiar battle line. Each of us sees something different. Even we who made and placed the figures will see something new to us.

So I thought I would share some of the pictures. On a large diorama like Little Round Top, it may be hard to find a particular soldier, but it is possible. Our cats are unique – like the men they each represent.


2017.08.12 closeup 3

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