2020-11-21 IMG_0596 adjust cropThis Thanksgiving, we at Civil War Tails would like to express our gratitude to and for all who have supported our museum and our town through this year. Gettysburg relies on its tourists, and this year was a reminder of just how important all of you are.

While our museum was closed for 2½ months, you supported us with notes, social media engagement, and online orders. It’s a blessing for us to hear how special our museum is to you, and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

When we reopened, we wondered how the summer would be. A big Thank You to all of you “Gettysburg faithfuls,” who had to postpone your spring trips and now showed up in summer! A big Thank You to all of you “first-timers,” who decided to make Gettysburg a destination for a day-trip or weekend escape. Against all expectations, this summer was quite good for Civil War Tails, and our fall months were, surprisingly, our best ever! Who would have thought it? We thank God for all of you, and your support of us and our wonderful town.

2019-08-15 IMG_0515This Labor Day marked 5 years of Civil War Tails, and this year marked 25 years of Civil War cats. We look forward to many to come! It has been a joy to share our dioramas with all of you, and we are happy that our cats can bring a smile to you also.

We wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

–Ruth and Rebecca and 8,825 Civil War cats …and Patrick the dog!

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