The Adventures of the Headless Horsecat – 2021!

The Headless Horsecat is on the prowl, haunting Civil War Tails again! Well, maybe he’s just visiting old friends. Now, that pesky COVID, well, we’re never sure what it’s up to, but it’s always lurking somewhere!

2021-10-30 123212 “Back off, meow!”

2021-10-30 123401 “Watch out!”

2021-10-30 123514 Just hangin’ out on Devil’s Den for Halloween. 

“Yikes, neigh! WAY too close for comfort!!!” 2021-10-30 123559

2021-10-30 123716  Can you find COVID?

Happy Halloween, everybody!!


Can’t get enough Headless Horsecat? Check out his adventures of 2019 and 2020!

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