As we look back on six years of Civil War Tails and gallop ahead into Year 7, we continue to be thankful for all the blessings that this museum has been to us and to our visitors. 2021 has been a “crazy busy” year for Civil War Tails, breaking all our records. We are thankful to God for blessing our work here, and we are thankful to all of you for telling your friends, co-workers, and social media followers about our museum. We are still amazed at the excitement and love you show us and our cat-soldiers.

This Thanksgiving season is particularly special. After being open for six years—which doesn’t sound like much—we are now meeting children whose love of history was inspired by their first visits to Civil War Tails. One student has come every year since he first saw “The Fate of Gettysburg” (Pickett’s Charge) through our front windows—before we had even opened! We invited him and his family in, and now, years later, he is heading into the Honors History Program in his school. We love hearing stories like his. Kids like him are why we do this. We love inspiring an interest in history in people of all ages, but seeing the next generation become interested is beyond rewarding for us.

We are so thankful to see how our humble dioramas and tiny modeling clay cats are touching children and adults, cat people and historians, alike. To you, they are more than clay—thank you for letting your imagination bring them to life to tell the stories and show you history.

This has been a wild and amazing ride so far, and we look forward to the years to come. Thank you, all, for supporting Civil War Tails, even in the midst of COVID-19, and for enabling us to bring people joy and to instill a love for dioramas and history in the next generation!

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