Scavenger Hunt!

3rd anniversary - shadow

This Labor Day, Civil War Tails is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!  As is our tradition, we will be offering discounted admission and having a scavenger hunt (with prizes) on Friday the 31st, Saturday the 1st, and Labor Day Monday the 3rd.

This year, the scavenger hunt will have an “Escape” theme.  Unlike traditional escape rooms, we will not be locking you in the museum!  But all of our questions will be somehow related to escapes, rescues, or adventures.  Come and discover stories of escape from predicaments, capture, death, and disaster—all found on our dioramas.

How would you escape when you’re backed up to the edge of a cliff, or fighting three enemy soldiers alone and disarmed, or held in a POW camp?  What do you do when your carriage breaks down and the enemy’s closing in?

Find the answers—and the people who really lived through these events—on our scavenger hunt!  Meet Capt. Spessard, Col. Williams, Pvt. Grine, Gen. Wheeler, and many more!  Our samurai cat will even make an appearance!

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